"History flows forward on rivers of beer"
Let a Master Brewer take you on a 10,000 year journey of beer

Find out why beer is the reason the human race has survived this long!

Danie Odendaal, a 20 year brewing lover, professional brewer and home brewer will take you on a fun trip through beer and how beer has shaped the world we know today.

The journey will explore beer and its ingredients, as well as the fantastic mysteries of beer flavour. 


The entire experience includes a condensed history of beer with raw material tasting and interaction.

At the end of the journey Danie will take you on a tasting experience exploring the taste sensations of different beers with a practical beer flavour exploration - beer tasting!

The Trip Through Beer has already been enjoyed at:

  • Social Team Events

  • Corporate Events

  • Bachelor Parties

  • Men's tours

  • Birthday Parties

and is suitable for almost any occasion where beer enthusiasts are together.

Speak to us about your requirements and we will tailor the Trip to suit you.