"Fermentation may have been a greater discovery than fire"
Team building hands-on or visual events tailored to your requirements

Take advantage of Danie's 20 years experience as a Brewmaster. 

We will meet with you prior to the event and tailor-make a solution to your needs


If you have a beer related idea - we can make it happen.

Below are some examples of the type of event you can have:

  • Your team creates their own special brew with the guidance of the Brewmaster

    • Prior to the event, and based on your tastes and requirements, the Brewmaster will prepare a recipe and will provide all the ingredients and equipment.​ At the end of the day we will brew a 20l batch that will be fermented and packaged into small kegs. Then enjoy your beer on tap with your team members.

  • Beer Tasting Competition

    • ​After an interactive beer experience with beer tasting training, we will break up into teams for a tasting competition using your newly discovered skills.​​

  • Beer and Food Pairing 

    • Instead of a normal dinner, let the Brewmaster spend time with the Chef at the venue and create and present a food and beer pairing menu.  During the meal the nuances of the beer and the flavours of the food pairing will be illustrated by the Brewmaster and the Chef.​

  • Masterclass Beer Cocktail Competition

    • Equipment and multiple recipes will be supplied.  Teams will select a recipe, select their raw materials and then make, taste and perfect their cocktails.  Thereafter they will name it and present it to the panel of judges who will decide on the winning team.  (We are able to supply a trophy if required)​

The sessions can be broken into smaller groups or one large group.  With smaller groups there is more interaction and hands-on experience