"A fine beer may be judged with just one sip, but it's better to make thoroughly sure."
Do you want to feel the grain with your fingers, see the grains come alive, make glorious sweet extract, smell the fermentation notes?
Do you want to hold your delicious brew, cold and frothy in your hands and savour the taste with the knowledge that YOU MADE THIS? 

Are you a  total NEWBIE or a REGULAR HOME BREWER? Either way, Bearded Brew will tailor a brewing experience from showing you how to brew your first beer, or helping you expand your brewing knowledge and skills.

The Brewmaster has everything you need to brew a beer!

The Brewmaster brings all the required equipment to your house and brews with you. He will give advice on the most cost effective equipment for start ups as well as state of the art solutions to suit your needs, without having to battle your way to find it all out for yourself - which can be quite a daunting task.

The practical, hands-on brewing will include a full technical training manual, milling your grain, brewhouse process of mashing, lautering, boiling and cooling your wort. We will then pitch the yeast and you will get to see your hard work turn into beer.


During the brewing process, the brewmaster will teach you the secrets of brewing good beer. You will learn about the biochemical process, liquid-solid separation, hop extraction and the fermentation process.  Most importantly - you will learn what it takes to make a beer without unwanted microbial flavours.

When the beer is ready, we will assist in packaging your beer into kegs, ready for serving at your next occasion or to enjoy yourself.

We will show you the correct solution to maximise your results. Any solution can brew good beer, let us show you the pros and cons of the solutions.