Building a brewery needs expertise to ensure you avoid the many pitfalls and
get value for your money!

Building a brewery is more than just a mix of various solutions, it is a process of integration which requires serious selection criteria including:

  • Cost

  • Sizing

  • Future Expansion

  • Aesthetics

  • Efficiency

  • Hygienic Design

  • Best fit for application

All of these must be incorporated into your equipment specification, which will save you money in the long run.

Some of the biggest issues that we have experienced are:

  • Implementing solutions that are too small or too large

  • Incomplete solutions

  • Not fit for purpose

  • Non-hygienic equipment / solutions

  • Unsafe installations

Ensure that you are buying and implementing a correctly sized solution so you can sweat your assets during start up and development of your brand and brewery, but also be prepared for future growth.


Danie Odendaal is a Master Brewer (MB) and an industry expert, with over 20 years experience who will guide you through your equipment design and selection, avoiding major pitfalls, potentially saving you large amounts of money during the lifespan of your equipment.

A poorly selected solution results in potential downtime, product quality issues and increased costs due to unnecessary early re-engineering or reverse engineering.

Bearded Brew will partner you through the process and share their 20 years of experience with you.


Bearded Brew offers capacity calculations based on proposed brands and processing requirements allowing you to select the correct sized solutions whilst incorporating your future brewery projections.

The solution will be designed to be as cost effective as possible, based on your current requirements, but allowing for growth by planning ahead and only spending capital as and when required.

Plan clever and sweat your assets to achieve maximum efficiencies.


Bearded Brew will partner you into the future when you may need more fermentation tanks, draught dispensing chillers and other items associated with growth. 

We deliver solutions across the entire process to optimise quality and total cost of ownership.


Master Brewer, Danie Odendaal, has unique NPD, Consumer Science and Practical Brewing Experience which enabled him to incorporate the aspects for practical brewing requirement into recipe development such as:

  • Ease of brewhouse processing

  • Fermentation

  • Microbial stability

as well as consumer facing aspects including:

  • Flavour

  • Stability

  • Brand Consistency

We will team with you to develop recipes for the perfect brew for you!


Our services include:

  • Brewhouse equipment selection

  • Throughput and extract optimisation

  • Optimising the Brewery / Brewhouse through an operational audit to improve overall performance and product 

  • Optimum hopping strategy

  • Wort cooling microbial strategy

We specialise in modular craft sized dry grain handling solutions and can supply various solutions for your bagged malt with intake, cleaning, milling and grist handling. 


Our solutions are modular and not a one size fits all. 


Let our solution remove the  backache and  simplify your grain handling and milling for optimum results.


  • Optimum fermentation strategy to maximise fermentation efficiency while delivering product flavour consistently

  • Fermentation microbial prevention strategy

  • Product clarity requirements

  • Yeast selection, removal and re-use


​Customer solution optimised

  • Natural sedimentation and key processes in Brewhouse and Fermentation to maximise clarity

  • Filtration solutions including Kieselghur filtration and Membrane


  • Bottle and keg strategy

  • Best possible solutions

  • Product quality - Micro, dissolved oxygen management, flavour stability

  • Microbial stability strategy - included in process consideration  if in-pack process like pasteurisation is not considered

  • Pasteurisation 

    • In bottle pasteurisation ​

    • Flash pasteurisation

    • No pasteurisation - sterile filtration


Your brewery solution should be carefully selected, not only the number of vessels and configuration, but also in efficient design. This should include a "right sized" lab or lab solution.

Utilise our 20 years of experience to get the edge on optimum operation to maximise extract recovery and through put.

Extract and Time is money!

Contact us and we will set up a meeting / consultation with you.